What is 10 Day Luxury Kitchen?
  • “The kitchen” is many things, “the meeting place”  “the chef’s quarters” “the most important room in the home”.

    It is usually the place family and friends gather, talk, eat, entertain, laugh, and enjoy life.  Why? Because it is the place that most things start or happen in your home. That is why 10 Day Luxury Kitchen was created- to rebuild the place where family and friends create memories.

    We provide you with a luxury kitchen that will last for years to come and won’t take a life time to complete. Yes only 10 days. We have several levels of luxury Silver, Gold & Diamond, one is right for you, but all of them are great quality.

    Most common size kitchens, (2000 to 3000 sq ft home) can be started and completed by 10 Day luxury Kitchen from start to finish in 10 day or less!

    Why? How?

    Because the materials, cabinets, tile, wood flooring, appliances, counter tops materials, backsplashes, lights, paint, wood trims, plumbing parts, sink, faucet, wiring, even screws, shims, and all the little parts that are needed are gathered before the job starts. So when we start construction, there is no waiting for something to show up or be delivered!

    We then get in and get it done! Sounds simple and if organized, it is simple! We can create a luxury kitchen that not only looks great but also offers you a new level of fingertip convenience. So let us design, order and then create your favorite place in your home “the kitchen”

    The 10 Day Luxury Kitchen Schedule
    Day1- Its demo day, remove all of the old kitchen, cabinets, flooring, plumbing, etc. cleanup, get kitchen area ready to start the remodeling of the kitchen.
    Day 2- Rewire lights, under counter lights, plumbing reroute if needed. Install new angle stops.  Install new lights, venting, repair drywall as needed, prep for paint. Prepare area ready for cabinet install.
    Day 3- Install Cabinet day- trims, crown, plywood sub tops.
    Day 4- Template for granite or other solid surface countertop. Start flooring in kitchen area – wood or tile.
    Day 5- Finish flooring, grout floor if needed. Install base or other trims as needed. Clean up, cover or protect wood floor, install toe kick on cabinets.
    Day 6- Install counter tops, sink(s)
    Day 7- Install backsplash, touch up paint as needed.
    Day 8- Grout backsplash, install plumbing, scribe molding on cabinets. Light trims, outlets, switches, plugs, under counter lights.
    Day 9- Install all appliances, seal backsplash, and finish all trims.
    Day 10- This is an open day if changes or some wood damage is found; we have 1 extra day to repair.  Yes it is now time to cook your 1st dinner in your brand new 10 Day Luxury Kitchen!

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Derek Gebo Vice President/Designer/Marketing and Sales

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