Hello World from 10 Day Luxury Kitchens!
  • Our new web site is up and running!

    We’re still working out a couple of bugs, but we are eager to show you what we can do for you at 10 Day Luxury Kitchen.

    At 10 Day Luxury Kitchen we have a unique construction program that, yes in 10 days we will remodel and build a new luxurious kitchen for your residence.

    Over the next weeks, months to come, we will discuss what is the hottest and current trends in kitchens and how 10 Day Luxury Kitchens can help you achieve your goal of an updated kitchen for you to enjoy!

    Some of our future articles will discuss small and medium kitchens, how to maximize the functionality of these sizes: Large Kitchens, Open Plan Kitchens that include great rooms, breakfast nooks or dining rooms in the layout.

    We will write about and show you our 10 Day luxury Kitchen projects and how we construct a luxurious kitchen in 10 days.

    Finally, we will also write about Green Sustainable Kitchens and the best ways to make use of green practices in a kitchen today.

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Derek Gebo Vice President/Designer/Marketing and Sales

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  • admin 06.19.2010

    Great article! At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we can’t wait for your future articles on Kitchen trends and construction of kitchens in 10 days!

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