GE’s four-door refrigerator offers additional options for a small kitchens!
  • The old ice-box has certainly come along ways!

    Our modern refrigerators today can be energy efficient. They can provide for you, a preferred temperature, water, ice cubes accesses on the face of the refrigerator doors, side by side or upper and lower refrigerator, freezer compartments.

    Certainly, features that we have become accustom to in our modern kitchen. But, usually to have all these features with real usable refrigerator and freezer space, you really need a kitchen with a lot of wall space to accommodate the large usable space refrigerator units…Which means a large kitchen!

    So what do you do for a small kitchen?

    Well, GE has designed  a great  refrigerator  for the small active kitchen. The latest trend in refrigerator design has become the four – door refrigerator and GE French-door bottom-freezer refrigerators represent the latest in refrigerator design. The GE’s armoire-style design refrigerator, requires minimal amount of space for door opening, which makes it ideal for small kitchens!

    The new design features a top-drawer freezer compartment for everyday use and more frequently accessed items, with a full-width drawer. In here, frozen fruit is easily accessible for a quick smoothie and prepared pizzas are ready to go into the oven for a quick meal.

    Underneath, a deeper bottom drawer stores larger items, such as a whole turkey, larger cuts of meat and bags of frozen vegetables. Both drawers feature contemporary door pulls that complement the sleek design of the fresh-food compartment, with its upper French doors and hidden hinges. Beveled upper and lower edges look elegant.

    Available in a 25-cubic-foot or 21-cubic-foot counter-depth capacity with stainless steel finish.

    At 10 Day Luxury Kitchen, we use and recommend GE Profile refrigerators and appliances for our clients 10 day construction of their new luxury kitchen!

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