email exchange with a customer who used “another Contractor”
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    Very slow. We started the project on the 14th of May, they finished demolition and prep of the kitchen yesterday. The cabinets will not be ready until the 8th, but we will be out of town beginning the 6th and won’t be back until the 23rd. I think we will have to delay start the rest of the project until after we come back. Kathy, my neighbor is waiting to see how mine turns out before she starts her project. We’ll see how Aaron performs. So far, the workers seem to know what they are doing. They clean up before they leave. It’s just the pace that is bothering me a bit. It really does not help that I keep adding more projects such as bath remodel, etc. Anyway, I do like your energy and your personality a lot and I build you up with Kathy. I’ll see how much Aaron’s estimate would be with her project before you go bid on it. Take care.

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