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  • Our services at 10 Day Luxury Kitchen…

    What makes 10 Day Luxury Kitchen different from all the other kitchens companies? We offer something new and exciting to the remodel industry, speed, efficiency, custom built cabinets, quality materials, and fixtures – a totally organized process that will make your remodel enjoyable. It won’t be drudgery and you will not have to tell your friends “I wish I knew when my contractor is going to be done!”

    After designing your dream luxury kitchen, selecting all of the materials, cabinets, granite, (or other type of counter top), fixtures, appliances, flooring, lights, stain color, back splash, cabinet accessories, paint colors etc then we order all of those materials. We then store the materials until we receive everything needed to complete the remodel. This usually takes approximately 30 days. At the same time, the cabinets are built to measurements needed and finish selected. Most kitchens can be completed in 20-30 days from the signing of a contract to the completion of the kitchen remodel. We then start the project within 10 working days you can enjoy your new luxury kitchen for years to come. We feel that no other company can offer excellent service, quality, efficiency and at our competitive pricing. Hire 10 Day Luxury Kitchen and you can see for yourself!

    Please contact us to get started on your dream 10 Day Luxury Kitchen.

    Other services that we offer are custom Tuscan wall finishes, wood treatments for walls and ceilings, and stone work for walls. We also design and construct wine cellars, wet bars, entertainment centers, home offices, (these can take less time depending on size). We can also add or replace doors and windows. If you need an addition to your home to create your luxury kitchen we also can design, draw the plans and obtain necessary planning permits to build your dream addition with everything needed. We design, construct and deliver on all types of remodels.

    We can also work with your designer, or general contractor that is currently doing construction on your home.

    The 10 Day Luxury Kitchen Schedule

    Day1- Its demo day, remove all of the old kitchen, cabinets, flooring, plumbing, etc. cleanup, get kitchen area ready to start the remodeling of the kitchen.
    Day 2- Rewire lights, under counter lights, plumbing reroute if needed. Install new angle stops.  Install new lights, venting, repair drywall as needed, prep for paint. Prepare area ready for cabinet install.
    Day 3- Install Cabinet day- trims, crown, plywood sub tops.
    Day 4- Template for granite or other solid surface countertop. Start flooring in kitchen area – wood or tile.
    Day 5- Finish flooring, grout floor if needed. Install base or other trims as needed. Clean up, cover or protect wood floor, install toe kick on cabinets.
    Day 6- Install counter tops, sink(s)
    Day 7- Install backsplash, touch up paint as needed.
    Day 8- Grout backsplash, install plumbing, scribe molding on cabinets. Light trims, outlets, switches, plugs, under counter lights.
    Day 9- Install all appliances, seal backsplash, and finish all trims.
    Day 10- This is an open day if changes or some wood damage is found we have 1 extra day to repair, Yes it is now time to cook your 1st dinner in your brand new 10 Day Luxury kitchen!